Conversations with Yoko Ono

Conversations with Yoko Ono

If you asked my friends and family what is one thing they think of when they think of me, it would probably be The Beatles and John Lennon. After all, my daughter is named after Lennon’s mom (and her great-grandmother), and at the ripe age of 4 she is already well-versed in the ways of the Yellow Submarine. And she and I aren’t the only ones. My mom and brother also share our love for the Fab Four, with my brother having just given his first-born son the middle name of McCartney.

Well imagine this Beatles maniac’s surprise this morning when I opened my Facebook page to see that Yoko Ono – yes, that Yoko Ono – answered a question I had posed to her on Friday. (My question is listed in the Facebook section under the name Jamie-Leigh Bissett.) I guess I should have realized this world famous peacenik would be opposed to violence of any kind, snowball or otherwise.

I’ve asked Yoko questions before – mostly political questions or questions about Fracking, the distaste for which we both share – but this was the first time she actually responded to me. Maybe it was because I posed a more playful question, or maybe I was just chosen at random. Either way, Pretty. Damn. Cool.

Now I know Yoko isn’t John, but considering I was born 10 months after his brutal assassination, this is the closest I will ever get to communicating with my idol. Besides, as a fellow artist you gotta respect the way Yoko has never compromised her integrity and continues to remain true to herself no matter how badly she is ripped by everybody else.

Rock on, Yoko! And thanks for making my day a brighter one. Peace and Love.

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